Stadium Club Information

I see lockers in the Stadium Club. How do I get one?

One locker is provided for every four Stadium Club tickets that are purchased.

How do I get a reserved parking spot?

In the Stadium Club, you receive a reserved spot in “Plaza Parking” for purchasing two tickets. You receive a reserved numbered spot in the front parking lot for every 4 tickets purchased.

Is the Stadium Club ADA approved?

Absolutely. Elevators provide access to the Stadium Club from the main entrance, accessible ramps are located on each end of the Stadium Club Level exits, and accessible restrooms are available on the Stadium Club Level. 

One of my guests would like to bring their infant to the game. Do they need a ticket for the infant?

No. Children under the age of 5 who are intended to sit on a lap do NOT need a Stadium Club game ticket.

What if I’m not planning to be in town on Fridays during scheduled stocking servicing times (2:00-6:30pm)?

Simply call the Gamecock Suites office and set up an appointment to access your Stadium Club locker at a time that is convenient for you! You may also authorize a designated individual to stock your locker for you. Call the Gamecock Suites office to notify us, and we will be pleased to unlock your locker for that person.

Is the Stadium Club available to rent for a private function?

Yes, contact the Gamecock Suites Office for further information.

*Some of this information only applies to season ticket holders. Please contact the Gamecock Suites Office for more information.